Intro to the series:

The purpose of this series is to highlight programs/investors to improve diversity within the PE/VC space at all stages of a VC’s career ranging from support when starting their own fund to support at the start of their careers. This part is focused on resources for BIPOC/Veteran/Disabled/Immigrant/Returning Citizens. Part 1 was focused on resources for emerging managers, Part 2 was focused on females. I am having to cut Part 3 into three sections, so entrepreneurs, and Aspiring VCs have their own section. Part 4 (this is also going to be cut into pieces) will be my commentary and observations on the state of diversity in the VC/PE space and where the community as a whole can improve.


Goal of this article is to highlight numerous resources for Black/Latinx/Indigenous/Veteran/Disabled/Immigrant/Age-specific aspiring GPs. The intention of this post is to highlight LPs/LP programs geared towards creating a pipeline of diverse GPs.

Resources for Underrepresented aspiring GPs:

Are you a GP planning to raise a fund in the next 12 months, and looking for LPs. If so, we are preparing a product for you. Sign up for our beta can be found here:



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Muieen Cader

Muieen Cader

I write about Venture Capital. Previous VC experience with Betatron. Advisor to startups (across the globe) and sailor.