Deep dive into AI part 3 of 3- AI for GPs

Who are the acquirers of AI companies

Source: GP. Bullhound

What do portfolio returns look like?

Source: publicly available information

Conclusion of the Series:

Just a quick recap of all the things we have discussed over the past few weeks:
Week 1: If you are building an AI startup, it’s better to focus on a Vertical application rather than a Horizontal AI application. There are numerous sources to help you successfully find the data, and there are also some horizontal tools you can leverage to build an MVP.
Week 2: For VCs your best bets to make some money within the AI space are to invest in a new product (PlanGrid), or to invest in a company that is generating valuable data, while also generating algorithms.
Week 3: For GPs/LPs, expect a high TVPI for your fund working within the mobility/AI space where the value of most startups has yet to be fully realized. Although understand that TVPI, does not guarantee a direct conversion to DPI.



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Muieen Cader

Muieen Cader

I write about Venture Capital. Previous VC experience with Betatron. Advisor to startups (across the globe) and sailor.